Anyone who has ever been camping will have a few camping tips to share, and so here are just a few that I've acquired over time. I do not claim to have invented these ideas but they are things that have stuck in my head.

Some you may have heard of and will be familiar with, some may not be helpful, but hopefully (maybe) you'll like the sound of just one - or it may even give you a spark of an idea - and you'll find a way of using it on your next camping trip.

If not in your garden, then in someone else's, or at a quiet spot somewhere where you won't be disturbed, firstly, it is always a good idea to have a Practice Camp -. Basically it is much better to get used to your canvas tent and basic gear first, before you pack the car up, drive a good few miles and then discover that you underestimated the time required for setting and pitching up camp.

Or worse, that you don't thoroughly understand how to erect the tent in the first place. If you have a bell tent it is one of the easiest tents around to erect - but having said that I have still seen some rather basic mistakes, which have resulted in the tent being unstable, wonky and something that would not resist much of a breeze.

Here are the top camping tips for a smooth trip:

1) Bring cash for quarters for the showers. The showers are $.25 for 2 mins which is definitely the best deal I have seen in Big Sur. The Julia Pfeiffer State Park campgrounds are $1.00 for 2 mins! Also the shower is hot not just lukewarm! (Definitely was the cherry on top)

2) If you are bringing a second car be sure to bring cash to cover the daily fee of $10. The booking only covers the first car.

3) Each campsite has a spigot for drinking water and washing dishes.

4) If you book a beach access campground you will be sleeping under the 1 freeway. Which isn’t so bad because the sound of the cars passing overhead is muffled by the sounds of the waves crashing and the creek running out to the ocean?

5) Did I mention that there is a creek rights next the campsites. Just be sure if you are booking an ocean access campsite that you book one on the east side of the camp map.

6) The beach is relatively small and swimming is prohibited.

7) Swimming is also prohibited at all the beaches throughout the Big Sur area. The waves are unpredictable and the rip currents are extremely powerful. It is very rare that you will find beaches where the conditions are even right for just wadding.

8) Layering is super important for camping at Limekiln. It will be overcast and chilly at night and the marine layer will fade away in the afternoon leaving you at the mercy of the sun's unrelenting rays.

9) The beaches can get extremely windy. Sand will be flying in every direction including from below you. Pack a wind glasses, scarf and breaker to cover your face, head and torso.

10) Depending on the time of the year you will not be able to watch the sunset on the water. We went May 28th-30th, the sun set over the rocks to the northwest

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